The Wind

Back then there was a drunk man who fall down wherever he went. He even got inside some houses.
One day, he stepped on a cornfield and destroyed it.
He went on and knocked down whatever was on his way: trees, houses, and every parcel of land.
He was considered a worker in this world because that drunk man became the wind, that’s why now the wind wanders around as he pleases. Just like the drunk man who used to destroyed everything on its way.
Since then, that drunk man is the wind we feel.

Title: El Viento
Locution: Manuel Segovia Segovia
Traduction: Manuel Segovia Segovia, Cirilo Velázquez Méndez, Ysidro Velázquez Méndez, Asunción Segovia Hernández Manuel Segovia Jiménez, José Manuel Segovia Velázquez
Direction: Gabriela Badillo
Illustration: Alejandro Canela
Animator: Hola Combo / Eduardo Olvera, María García Lumbreras, Enrique Sañudo, Marco Barragán, Gabriela Badillo
Adaptation: Gabriela Badillo
Original Music: Aarón Flores
Audio Design: Igor Figueroa
Coordinator of production: Brenda Orozco
Duration: 1.00 min
A production by Hola Combo, Canal Once, INALI, CDI
Year of Production 2016
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