English Version:
In ancient days, men did not need to work with their hands. They could go to the fields and leave their tools there, for the tools, that were alive, would do the work for them.
But one day, a man who had decided to reap his plot and begin sowing was surprised the next day to see that the shrubs had grown back again.
He then decided to spy the scoundrel who had done it and discovered it was the rabbit.
Annoyed and skeptical, the man heard the rabbit telling him that it was no longer the time to sow, since soon a deluge would come and flood the world.
The man, following the rabbit’s orders, immediately started to build a large crate to put all the supplies for him, his family and the rabbit.
The rains started and the water level rose until they got stuck in the sky.
The rabbit, seeing that they were almost next to the sun, decided to explore it, but he could not resist the heat. Then he saw that they were close to the moon and jumped up on it.
But when he wanted to get back to the crate, the water had started to recede and he could not get down again.
So he stayed in the moon forever and now we can see him there in full moon nights.
Gabriela Badillo
Idea Original y Dirección
María García Lumbreras
Laura Ruíz
Diego Huacuja
María Leonila Gómez Ramírez
Traducción y locución huasteco
Biovo / Enrique Quiroz
Música Original
Wetback Audio / Igor Figueroa
Diseño de Audio
Victor Harari
Versión en Inglés

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