English Version:
When a tongue dies
Divine things,
The stars, the Sun, and the Moon
Human things,
Thinking and feeling
Are no longer reflected
In that mirror.
When a tongue dies
Everything in the World
Seas and rivers,
Animals and plants,
Are not thought of nor spoken of
With glimmers and sounds
That no longer
A window,
A door closes
For all peoples of the World.
A glance
In a different way
At divine and human things,
At everything that exists and is life on the ground.
When a tongue dies,
Its words of love,
Intonation of sorrow and fondness,
Perhaps old chants,
Tales, discourses, prayers,
Nobody, as they were
Will be able to repeat.
When a tongue dies,
Many more have already died
And many can die.
Mirrors forever broken
Voice shadows
Forever silenced:
Humankind is impoverished.
Gabriela Badillo
Idea Original y Dirección
Raúl González
Gabriela Badillo
Reyna Alvarado Reyes
Traducción y Locución Náhuatl
Biovo / Enrique Quiroz
Música Original
Wetback Audio / Igor Figueroa
Diseño de Audio
Victor Harari
Versión en Inglés

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