Based on a Q´anjob´al story of oral tradition.
Tongue: Q´anjob´al, Chiapas 

Versión en Q´anjb´al
Yab’ixal k’al is jayub’al ixim yu heb’ ko mamicham, yin jun jun ab’il. Ixim saq nal, q’an nal, q’eq nal, k’al ixim tz’ib nal aton kabeb’ ixim ojtaqb’il yet payxa, yuj tu is mojtoni qaq’on yujualtios b’ay co mam tiox, b’ay ko txutx tx’otx’, b’ay is pixan a’’ej, b’ay ko mam k’a, k’al b’ay ko chikay xajaw aton heb’ ti chi aq’on yipejal k’al staynen is chib’ ko txutx ixim. Yuj ton tu xan moj ton nalaytek jun tzan bey balej, Chi q’aq’on yujvatios b’ay ko txutx ixim yetoj kantelá , yuk’lay uk’eja’, stenlay son ka chi ok kanal, axka tu ayk’al sat qawoj.
Kay ton tu chi yun qalon yab’ixal hon q’anjob’al honti.

English Version
The corn festival
They say that, at the time of our grandparents, the arrival of the corn was celebrated in the harvest season. White, yellow, purple, and red, four representatives that give life to the human being, that´s why we must thank God,  the holy land, the holy water, the sun, and the moon, because they are the guardians of their growth. That is the importance of continuing with this tradition, to thank the holy corn with candles, atoles, marimba and dancing, and to always have a good harvest
That´s how the Q’anjob’ales tell it.

Thanks to MAST and the Anthropologist Verónica Ruíz  for the support on the realization of this shortfilm.
"Squin'al xim ixim"
Title: The Corn Festival
Thanks to the drawings of the children from the community of the San Lorenzo School in Chiapas.
Translation and locution: María Elena Felipe Simón
Director: Gabriela Badillo
Illustration: Ximena Ruiz del Rio
Chief animator: Cristina Lugo
Animation: Eduardo Moya, Alberto Bala, Daniela Espinosa, Enrique Sañudo, Tamara Cruz
Original Music: Enrique Quiroz
Sound Design: Igor Figueroa
Adaptation: Gabriela Badillo
Coordinator of production: Adriana Arvizu
Duration: 1.05 min
A production by Hola Combo, Canal Once, INALI, CDI
Year of production 2019
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