Traducción y Locución Viviana Romero, Valeria Jusacanea Romero
Ilustrador Ximena Ruiz del Rio /
Dirección y Producción COMBO
Animación COMBO / Eduardo Olvera
Música Enrique Quiroz / Biovo
Diseño de Audio Wetback / Igor Figueroa

Versión Seri
Hant quij iti cötpacta ipatjc hac
 Hantx ano mota ma, xepe xah, hamime xah, xica camotam xepe com ano com xah, tax oo haquix com iha.
Zaah xa zo toc tap hax ta ma, xica camotam taax ptiti toi toza, xepe quiyaail com tax contipat hamt pac ipomlajc ta hant quij to cösij ha ox moza.
Xica camotam xepe com ano com coi hanta xah pac miilx xo xepe com hax iyaail caah sehe coi itcmaj iha.
Oxtapcta ma, mosni quihj iti coi sitax hac cömif, mosni apa iquij isaax quiicah coacoj mequio, hant yaao tintica isax quihicah coacösxaj iiah xo ha tafp iinl coi oo coi tah hamt pac itexl mequio, xo hant yaoo tintica haai ta ma tcoo imo impazjc, inoscla coi hamt ano cahcaail izcoi taax o coi taa ma hant quij itaxt ox moza. Comcaac coi taax hant ctap ma inzaxöt.

English Version
About the origin of Earth
They say many years ago, there were only the sea, the sky and the marine animals.
 One day, the animals gathered and decided to go to the bottom of the ocean to grab some sand and create the Earth. Many tried, but the ocean was too deep.
Then came the turn for the Caguama, the biggest turtle ever existed.
After a long journey, got to the bottom and grabbed all the sand it possibly could. On its way back most of this sand was gone, except the one inside its nails.
That sand was more than enough to create the Earth.
That's how our Earth was created.
That's how the Seris tell it. 

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