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About the origin of the Rarámuri and the Chabochi 
They say many years ago, in the beginning, the Sun and the Moon were two kids living on their own in a small shack with no lights. And that's why they created the Tarahumaras.
The Sun created the men from corn. First, he made the shape of a man and blew out on it three times to give it life. Then, he created the woman blowing on her four times because she'd need more strength to give birth.
At the same time the Lord of Darkness, angry and jealous of the Rarámuri's birth, created a figure out of ashes. With only one blow, it turned into the white man or Chabochi.
That's how the Rarámuri and the Chabochi were born.
That's how the Rarámuris tell it.

Title: El origen de los Rarámuri y los Chabochi
Locution: Tirza González
Traduction: Tirza González
: Gabriela Badillo
Ilustración: María Lumbreras  
Animator: Hola Combo / María Lumbreras
Adaptation: Gabriela Badillo
Original Music: Biovo / Enrique Quiroz 
Audio Design: Wetback / Igor Figueroa
Coordinator of production: Brenda Orozco
Duration: 1.00 min
A production by Hola Combo, Canal Once, INALI, CDI
Year of production 2016
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