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The Ocelot’s Spots
They say that in the forest there was a very conceited ocelot. He liked to dress elegantly and compete with the lion.
One day, as he passed under a tree, the monkey accidentally dropped the avocado he was eating, making a mess on the ocelot. Furious, the ocelot attacked him.
The other apes were outraged and asked the Lion King to punish him. The King asked all the animals to cut their ripest avocados and hide in the treetops.
The eagle would then look for the ocelot and bring him to the King.
As soon as the ocelot was near, all the animals began throwing avocados at him.
Despite his efforts to wash off the stains, they never went away, and since that time the ocelot is spotted, as we know him today.
That is how we the Tepehuas tell it.

Title: Las manchas del Ocelote
Locution: Camerino Tesillos
Traduction: Camerino Tesillos
Direction: Gabriela Badillo
Illustration: Amanda Mijangos
Animator: Hola Combo / María Lumbreras
Adaptation: Gabriela Badillo
Original Music: Igor Figueroa
Audio Design: Igor Figueroa
Coordinator of production: Brenda Orozco
Duration: 1.00 min
Aproduction by Hola Combo, Canal Once, INALI, CDI
Year of production 2017
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