English version:
One day, the God of Thunder, protector of King Huabe asked a Zapotec princess to marry the prince, even though they did not know each other.
The Zapotec King denied the request and the King of Thunder, infuriated decided to take revenge preventing the rain season from arriving.
People cried their eyes before the altars, everyone asked for rain. But thunder was deaf in anger.
The king decided then to call all men to end the punishment.
A young man proposed an audacious plan. He would visit the God of Thunder and trick him into accepting the young man’s services.
The God was very pleased with his new subject. With him clouds could not even form. He was the bravest of all men in the army.
During the following rain season, the young man was sent to fight in the South. However, in the way he met the Southeast wind and befriended him, considering him an ally.
When he arrived at his destination, he saw clouds forming, he gathered his men and the wind and spoke about rising up against their God.
There is no certainty about what happened, but the fact is that thunder and wind accepted.
The South wind defeated the Southwest wind and led the clouds to our fields.
Rain unleashed its strings and went down to wash pain on the earth.
…time has grown old, but to this day, when May arrives, the elderly can predict, watching the fight of the winds, if the rain season will be a good or a bad one.
Gabriela Badillo
Idea Original y Dirección
Diego Huacuja T.
Basa / Diego Huacuja
German Ramirez Martinez
Traducción y Locución Zapoteco
Biovo / Enrique Quiroz
Música Original
Wetback Audio / Igor Figueroa
Diseño de Audio
Victor Harari
Versión en Inglés

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